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This is the website of The Real Ergo, the author of Cube World, Alien Sun, and Main Engine among a host of other projects. I currently primarily program in Java, but at times have done everything in between hardware prototyping and graphic design. If years of experience building quality software is what you need, I can be contacted below.

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I am Kienan Ahner-McHaffie, a college freshman hailing from Chicagoland currently attending Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Although I am currently majoring in computer science with a focus on procedural content generation and graphics, I have been programming and tinkering with hardware and software since the start of my teenage years and drawing since I was a child. If I were to be described in one word, it would be "driven" -- I aim to use the technical skills I've accrued to make useful tools, enjoyable experiences, and ultimately a better life for those around me.

Technologies Used


General prototyping and coding


High-performance graphics


Modern graphics and compute


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