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Every Bitcoin Address Tool You Could Need

IttyBittyBitcoin is a set of free open-source cross-platform Java tools for working with bitcoin addresses. It allows for tinkering with every step of the address-creation process, so it's perfect for testing the different layers of Bitcoin's encryption. It can either be used as a library or run from the command line, and it is MIT-licensed. This means that you can use it anywhere for anything. IttyBittyBitcoin's only dependency is the BouncyCastle crypto library, which is used for some hashing.

IttyBittyBitcoin also allows easy vanity address generation. Neat!

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Getting Started

1. Download the latest binary.

2. Open a terminal of your choosing.

3. Run 'java -jar IttyBittyBitcoin.jar ?' to see all commands.