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Main Toolkit is the in-house Java/LWJGL/OpenGL engine running behind most of the larger projects that I've released. It's much more barebones than something like Unity, and serves two primary functions. First and foremost, it's an abstraction layer between me and OpenGL, allowing for things like easy loading, packing, and rendering of textures. Secondly, It's a toolkit containing networking, thread management, vector mathematics, error handling, UI rendering, and resource loading functionality. It's not really intended to do anything like basic lighting out of the box, as the implementation of that sort of thing depends heavily on what is being built, but instead intends to give me the tools to quickly build high-performance 2D or 3D graphics without worrying about low-level nuances. Alien Sun serves as a great example of just what can be done with it, but I have quite a few more down-to-earth projects using it.


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